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Updated: Jul 4

Boys do not choose to be gay. As they mature they gradually realize that they are different. From that point their journey begins. How will they respond to these forces that are impelling them so irresistibly? Grappling with same-sex attraction has some similarity to trying to develop a new skill. Change, leaving the old for the new is the focus of effort. For example, if a person was wanting to learn to play the piano, they would begin to act on their desire. They could be aided by music books containing useful information and they could also access the help of piano instructors. In the end, however, they must do the hard work of practicing, devoting hours to executing the exact correct maneuvers over and over. Repetition is said to be the "soul of learning." In a similar manner, each dealing with homosexual inclinations needs to become his own therapist. He can enlist assistance, but no one else can fix him. In specific kinds of relationships with others, he helps himself change. As, Lynn G. Robbins taught, "Be 100 Percent Responsible, for you are indeed driving your bus.

The hyperlink below leads to an article designed to assist professional therapists better understand concepts related to homosexuality and help them help others. It is included here because, in a very real sense, each person needs to be his own therapist. It is hoped that you will discover ideas that enlighten and encourage. Energies need to be expended where they count. This article may help you see a bit clearer "where the rubber meets the road."

To download this article, copy and paste the url link below in your browser:

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